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Here you can find frequently asked questions about vipmeup. If you have a question which is not listed below, just drop a mail. info@vipmeup.net

What is the idea behind vipmeup?
The idea is simple: You will get the chance to become famous - worldwide. The index page will be yours for at least 2 hours and you will appear in the hall of fame forever. We will be able to pay for hosting, taxes and so forth. But the best thing is that we donate half of the money to charity organisations - without any deductions. vipmeup is a platform for everybody. You are a good singer? You are looking for a partner? You want to find a job? You want to advertise your company or your product? There are many possibilities.
With which amount does the project start?
The first VIP has to pay 1 EUR.

We have the following scale:
  • from 1 to 499 EUR the scale will be 1 EUR (e.g. 15 EUR to 16 EUR).
  • from 500 to 990 EUR the scale will be 10 EUR (e.g. 560 EUR to 570 EUR).
  • from 1.000 to 9.900 EUR the scale will be 100 EUR (e.g. 1000 EUR to 1100 EUR)
  • from 10.000 EUR to 99.000 EUR the scale will be 1.000 EUR and so on.
Who are you?
We are three guys living near Heidelberg, Germany. One is a web developer, the others are students still swotting for their bachelor degrees.
Do I have to write in English?
It would be nice if you did, but you don't have to.
Which organisations do you donate the money to?
That is up to you. We have five categories:
  • Emergency aid
  • Animals
  • Help for children
  • Ecology
  • Science
The VIPs decide to which category they donate the money to. After 4 months we will then propose some organizations for each category and the whole web can vote where the money should go to. This will be done via Facebook or similar.
How is the payment done?
The payment is done via PayPal. Further information can be found here:
Why do you donate half of the money?
We think that the idea behind this project is great and really simple. So we decided to let others also benefit from this project. Support people affected by earthquakes, stop killing defenseless animals, give poor children something to eat and a perspective, the conservation of the tropical rainforest or the fight against cancer. We want to help.
Why is the payment done in EUR?
Because we live in Germany, Europe and we have to pay taxes for this project. So it is easier for us to use EUR.
How long will I be online?
You will be in the spotlight for at least 2 hours. Perhaps you will be known worldwide, which depends on the success of this project. If nobody else pays you will stay online even longer than 2 hours. Maybe forever?
What happens with the current VIP when another one paid?
As we have mentioned, you will stay on the homepage of vipmeup for at least 2 hours. If another VIP paid, you will still be online in the "Hall of Fame".
Hurry up! The later you pay the more expensive it will get.
I don't want to "get vipped up", but I want to take part in this project. How can I do this?
All entries are voluntary. You don't even have to upload your photo. Just leave it blank, we will fill it up with anonymous data (name: anonymous VIP).
Can I take part in this project several times?
Sure. You can take part as often as you want to.